Dokmee - Document Management System

Document Management System (DMS) is a powerful image-database software application, which works on intranet and internet. DMS allows the user to easily Scan, Index, Store and Retrieve documents, photos, literature, brochures, leaflets, drawings, pictures, notes etc. DMS users can quickly find documents, technical literature, drawings and other images stored in its libraries thereby saving valuable time and increasing their productivity.

DMS can work with industry standard high speed scanners and has the built in facility to connect to a scanner and accept scanned documents directly. Previously scanned images or images that are stored digitally in selected formats can be imported into DMS, indexed and organized into easily searchable libraries for easy retrieval later on.

Standard Features - Brief

  • Document Imaging - conversion of paper documents into digital images using the specified scanner. The sanctity of the original image is maintained by the system not allowing the digital image to be altered in any manner
  • Image Storage on Local / On-line media, preserving the sanctity of the images, authorized access
  • Classifying, Collating and indexing the converted digital images, into libraries, batches, folders and individual pages retrievable on the basis of predetermined parameters. Indexing could be done manually and also by using zoning technologies for forms of similar nature which is an added option
  • Retrieval and distribution of the images would be based on duly authenticated security procedures
  • Archival of the images for purposes of back-up, disaster recovery and long-term storage on suitable off-line media using appropriate technologies
  • Annotations / Highlighting / Redaction & wildcard searches
  • Deployable over a network (LAN deployment is standard)
  • Authenticated, Access control
  • Zoom, Centered Zoom, Flying Magnifying glass, Rotation, Original Size, Hand Panning, Go to Page number, cursor controlled navigation, Status Bar, status line, Preference setting, Options, Customize Toolbars etc.
  • Suitable for Batch Processing, Outsourced scanning & image import
  • Compatible with different file types like TIFF, BMP, JPEG etc.
  • Support multipage tiff
  • Integrated email support.


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