Argus Business Suite - ERP System

Financial Accounts
Argus Financials is an easy integrated accounting guide from Argus Technologies that will help you to organize your business's financial transactions. The system consists of very user-friendly screens, for operation  
Inventory System
Argus Inventory Control enables to capture and control day to day Purchase, Sales and movement of stocks. This module can be connected to Accounts to eliminate multiple entries of transactions in relation to Supplier,
Argus Business Suite
ArgusCRM is used for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support
Wholesale and Retail
Argus Whole Sale and Retail module can be connected to Accounts to eliminate multiple entries of transactions in relation to Supplier Invoices, Customer Invoices and valuation of stocks.
HR and Payroll System
USER FRIENDLY SCREENS, for operation by a novice user who is not completely aware of Personnel & Payroll activities.MULTI USERS & MULTI COMPANIES, the system supports multi users and multi companies
Real Estate Management System
The Argus Real Estate Management System module is proud of its industry changing property management system that relieves much of the stress and headache that property managers experience on a daily basis
Argus Logistics include the following modules:
1. Service Master
2. Job Master
3. Service Assign (Income and Expense)
4. Income Invoice (based on service assign)
Argus Transportation include the modules:
Vehicle master
Give Alldetails aboutvehicle (Like Vehicle type,Istimara details, insurance details ,Driver Details ,etc )
Asset Traking System
Make it simple to manage your organization’s valuable assets, from software and IT assets, to vehicles, tools, medical equipment, and more.It allows you to instantly locate any asset,eliminating wasted time spent
Material testing laboratory system
Argus Material Testing Laboratory System provide a great solution by providing a very user friendly and rich user interface for recording the various test results and there by generating the reports out of it.
Document Management System
Document Management System (DMS) is a powerful image-database software application, which works on intranet and internet. DMS allows the user to easily Scan Index, Store and Retrieve documents, photos, literature,



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