IT Consulting

  • Hospital Information System

    HMS is a software product suite designed to improve the quality and management of clinical care and hospital health care management in the area of Clinical and non clinical process. HMS enables you to develop your organization and improve its effectiveness and quality of work. Managing the key processes efficiently is critical to the success of the hospital.

    HMS Benefits:

    • Improve patient/hospital processes by providing efficient and continuous software support.
    • Become more patient-centered through the optimal utilization of information technology.
    • Increase quality of care, procedures and service to customers.
    • Increase the control over the costs
    • HMS provides multiple levels of security in the system so that data pertaining to various functions of the hospital remain confidential and can be accessed only by authorization.
    • User Friendly

  • Document Management

     Document Management System (DMS) is a powerful image-database software application, which works on intranet and internet. DMS allows the user to easily Scan, Index, Store and Retrieve documents, photos, literature, brochures, leaflets, drawings, pictures, notes etc. DMS users can quickly find documents, technical literature, drawings and other images stored in its libraries thereby saving valuable time and increasing their productivity.

    DMS can work with industry standard high speed scanners and has the built in facility to connect to a scanner and accept scanned documents directly. Previously scanned images or images that are stored digitally in selected formats can be imported into DMS, indexed and organized into easily searchable libraries for easy retrieval later on.

  • Oracle PeopleSoft

     Argus's PeopleSoft practice offers end-to-end services ranging from Pre Implementation Consultation, Implementation, Upgrade, Rollouts, Consulting and Maintenance. We bring in rich experience on HRMS, EPM, Financials, CRM, Campus Solution and SCM for these services across all Industries.