Wholesale and Retail

Argus Whole Sale and Retail module can be connected to Accounts to eliminate multiple entries of transactions in relation to Supplier Invoices, Customer Invoices and valuation of stocks.
The Argus Whole Sale and Retail module includes the following features:

  • File – Stock Categories, Stock Items, Locations/ Warehouses, Shelf/ Rack, Suppliers, Customers, etc.
  • Documents – Goods Receive Note, Purchase Invoice, Stock Transfer Note, Cash Memo, Delivery Note, Purchase Return, Sales Return, Quotations, Stock Adjustments, Opening Stock, Physical Count, etc.
  • Stock Controls like Re-order level, Re-order Quantity, minimum level, maximum level, dangerous level, etc.
  • Supports multi Stock Units, Stock Conversions, Issue Factor, Group Items etc. Credit Limit to Customer and Suppliers
  • Stock Ledger / Purchase and Sales Registers
  • Back dated reports and stock movement between any date
  • Stock Analysis by Stock Category, Supplier & Customer. Purchase & Sales Analysis by Stock Category, Supplier and Customer.
  • Integrated to Financial Accounts and provides Search Engines & Reports.


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