Material Testing Laboratory System

Argus Material Testing Laboratory System  provide a great solution by providing a very user friendly and rich user interface for recording the various test results and there by generating the reports out of it.


The software also provides a report designer which gives the user the ability to design various templates and use according to the needs.

Application Work Flow 

The starting point for recording the tests is Job Registration. There are two types of Jobs in the system: Soil and Concrete. Both Job registration forms collect basic information on the test material provided by the clients and support registering more than one report (tests) against each sample.

Once a job is registered the Job order is ready to accept result entry under relevant tests.

Reporting options also are made available once the results are entered.

The various modules provided in this software can be categorized under the following


This section allows the user to provide the various application settings

For eg: the margins for various reports, view shortcut option etc.


This section allows user to provide all the master data that is to be used within the software. This includes the customer details, test details etc.

Job Order Register

The system uses the concept of registering a job for the tests to be conducted. When a user brings a material for testing a new job order is created defining the various tests to be done on the material. The software provides the option for registering multiple tests in a single job order. Based on the nature of the material job orders are classified in to two

1.       Concrete Job Order

2.       Soil Job Order (Including Aggregate, Asphalt, and water)

Result Entry

This section provides the option for entering the results for each tests performed on the material. After entering the test result we get the option for printing the test reports.

Edit Result Entry

This section provides the ability to edit the entered test result for the privileged users.


This section provides the option for printing the reports for various test results entered. The user can also design various report templates here

Advantages of the system

  • Keeps track of all the tests conducted.
  • Reduces data entry for Customers, contractors and a lot of prefilled information related with tests.
  • Accurate reports as per industry standards.
  • Custom report designer with template feature.
  • User Access control and Audit features.
  • Database backup restore option.
  • Extendible architecture to support more Tests and reports.

Audit Related Features

  • Detailed logging of all the actions in the system
  • Report locking to prevent reprinting of reports


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