Online Recruitment Solution

Online Requirement Management System makes your hiring process easier, faster and cost effective. eRecruit enables recruitment team to create job postings, manage job application responses, update job status and take quick reports for screening which drastically reduces the labor and money spent on manual recruitment.
It plays an important role by significantly reducing the administrative burden on HR department at every stage of the recruitment process,
ORMS Includes:
Publish Vacancies
By using eRecruit, you can quickly create new vacancies that can be published on your corporate web site. The system provides the option to categorize the posting to specific department, specify packages, benefits, job description, experience required, set expiry date etc.
Published vacancies can be easily shared to a friend or take print for reference.
Apply Online
Once the jobs are posted, candidates can search for them, find out suitable jobs, and can apply online. The application is structured with relevant sections like personal details , skills, experience, career and training, so that sorting and searching can be done easily.
Candidates can keep their update resume in the system, preview and get a printed hardcopy any time. They also can apply for multiple vacancies from their inbox and keep track of their applications status.
Searching and Screening
Search feature in eRecruit help HR persons to Sort and Screen right candidates by searching the database. Since Vacancy and Applications are mapped with same parameters and skills, the system can easily match applicant skills to job requirements. With multiple criteria you can easily narrow down search till you find the right candidates. This will help to save time in searching piles of paper resumes instead HR staff can quickly sort and scan through electronic applications and select specific records for further review.
ROI Factor
1. Faster time to hire
2 Reduced use of other advertising media
3. Constant pool of candidates for quick recruitment
4. Reduction of paperwork, costs and processing time


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