Real Estate Management System

The Argus Real Estate Management System module is proud of its industry changing property management system that relieves much of the stress and headache that property managers experience on a daily basis. The Real Estate module will provide the following required features:

Master Files - Property file, Rental unit file, Tenant file, Property expense file, Other Master files like Agents, Property Types, Contract Types, Contract Terms, Payment Terms, Purpose of Lease, Location, etc.

Tenancy Contract, the system keeps the details like – Document No & Date, Reference, Contract Start Date & End Date, Tenant Code, Rental Unit Info, Property Info, Agent, Commission details, Security Deposit, Payment Terms, Purpose Lease, Contract Type, Remarks, etc.

Tenant Invoices, the system generates the invoice for Rental Income/ Prepaid Rent automatically, whenever a contract is prepared. This automation helps you to reduce the work in accounting section. The system also allows preparing of invoices for Maintenance, Penalty or Others.

Rental Status, the system shows the rental status through a report Rent Center. Monthly Rent Status to show detailed view of receipts for a particular Contract / Property/ Tenant.

Receipt, the system keeps the receipt document from Tenants for Rent, Security, Maintenance, Penalty or Others. The payment mode can be Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer.

Penalty for Delayed Rent, the system allows finding out those tenants who delayed rent and listing out those with a penalty amount.

Monthly Rent posting, this document helps you to identify the Rental Income monthly for existing contracts easily.

Property Expense, this document keeps the expenses by identifying expense type and property unit.

PDC Cheque, the system keeps the cheque details with status like – Pending, Cleared, Returned, Bounced and On Date. The system provides the facility to block a cheque to avoid further processing, if, a Tenant requested to do so.

Breaking of Contract / Property Sale, the system maintains the entries properly, when breaking of contract or property sale happens.

Security Deposit, the system keeps the details of Security Deposits. The Security Center option allows you to view the summary of Security Deposits with details like – Security Amount and Date of Receipt.



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